Activated Kombucha

Activate (verb): Grow, sprout, become greater, make something active (living) or operative (functional)

If you’ve found MOJO living in the fridge recently, you may have noticed that something looks a little different about your favourite ‘booch. Don’t worry - it’s still the exact same delicious, low sugar, organic kombucha on the inside. However, we have made some changes to the outside, with a brand new word: Activated!

We wanted to share with you how Activated captures the magic that goes into every bottle of MOJO...

Authentic fermentation = activation
Our kombucha is authentically fermented with a unique SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) that’s been nurtured over ten years of continuous brewing. Following a traditional kombucha recipe, our brew begins as a blend of organic raw cane sugar and organic tea which through fermentation, becomes something greater. Sugar is crucial as it is what activates and fuels fermentation. During the fermentation process, the SCOBY metabolises the sugar, transforming it into organic acids and live cultures. The result is the naturally low sugar, living and functional drink that is MOJO kombucha – magic!

1 billion colony forming units of Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086
In addition to the naturally occurring live cultures, every bottle of MOJO Kombucha is also activated with 1 billion colony forming units of the probiotic strain, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086.

Active kombucha, living in the fridge
Even after bottling, MOJO continues to be an active kombucha, which is why it must live in the fridge! Authentic kombucha brewing balances residual sugar with the tangy acidic notes created during fermentation. The small amount of residual sugar in Activated Kombucha allows us to keep things free from unpronounceable sweeteners (including stevia and erythritol), but means our ‘booch must be kept chilled between 1-5 degrees at all times to ensure our thriving brew tastes its best, whilst preventing further fermentation. This is why you'll only ever find MOJO living in the fridge !

Kombucha brewed true. It’s what we do.
2020 will be MOJO’s eleventh year of brewing true kombucha , and our team are proud to continue to bring you authentically fermented, low sugar, organic products with live cultures + probiotics.

Cheers to your health!