About Us

Good MOJO, brewed true.

Authentic kombucha fermented with no shortcuts.

Our story starts by the sea. Our heart is our home, and our home is Willunga, South Australia.

It began with a SCOBY, and a traditional kombucha recipe. Handed down from intrepid travellers, handcrafted at home with love, fresh ingredients and no shortcuts. All the good stuff, none of the nasties.

In 2009, we took it to the people. We started out selling our ‘booch at the local farmers market, to foodies and yogis, surfers and winemakers.

Something magical was brewing, and we called it MOJO!

We got our science-nerd on, and discovered a world of good bacteria, the live cultures + probiotics that make MOJO magic and keep our guts healthy and our minds and bodies happy.

We spread the good word of gut health, the probiotics thriving in our kombucha, and the life you can see and feel with MOJO.

We started to celebrate our bodies, our bellies, our health, and our earth.

We got real and we found our MOJO.

about mojo beach walking

Co-founders Anthony and Sarah Crabb.


In 2018, after nine years of independently pioneering the kombucha category in Australia, MOJO was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company. This partnership ensures we have the support and resources to keep the same people making the same products in the same place, whilst allowing healthier beverages to be found in more fridges. In short, more of what we do best!

Today, more than ten years on we are committed as ever to brewing true kombucha using the same SCOBY we started with, and continuously innovating new varieties and ranges using real, organic ingredients. Every bottle of MOJO is always authentically fermented, low sugar, free from unpronounceable sweeteners and thriving with probiotics or prebiotics. 

You’ll find our four ranges of Kombucha at supermarkets, grocers, health food stores and cafes throughout the country.

Cheers to your health!