FAQs | May 25, 2022

Where was MOJO founded?

Our heart is our home, and our home is Willunga, a community in the hear of the McLaren Vale region of South Australia. The McLaren Vale region is a producers’ paradise, home to some of South Australia’s most renowned grape growers, beer makers, gin distillers, and our own pioneering kom-brewer - MOJO’s own Anthony Crabb. With wide-spread roots in a region renowned for fermentation, Anthony combined his palate and his passion to introduce his new brew to the industry and built the one-of-a-kind beverage brand that is MOJO Kombucha. Today, we’re still brewing in the place it all began. MOJO’s dedicated McLaren Vale region brewery produces every ‘booch from brew to bottle, supplying supermarket fridges around the country and spreading the feel-good of fermentation to more Aussies than ever before.

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