FAQs | May 25, 2022

Is there Caffeine in Kombucha?

There is a very small amount of caffeine in MOJO Kombucha. The caffeine naturally comes from the green and black tea leaves used in the brew. After fermentation there is less than 3.5mg per 100mL of our kombucha. So less than 9mg per 250mL can of Kombucha Soda and less than 12mg per 330mL of Activated Kombucha.
In comparison, some common sources of caffeine in foods are:
- A chocolate bar has 10mg caffeine per 50g bar.
- Cola has 36.4mg caffeine per 375ml can.
- Black tea has around 50mg per 220mL cup of tea.
- Instant coffee has around 80mg per 250mL cup (1tsp of coffee).
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