FAQs | May 25, 2022

Does MOJO ferment their own kombucha?

Absolutely! Our fermentation site is located in the pristine McLaren Vale region of South Australia. We ferment all of our kombucha there with love and care.

A Brew Just for You

Using the same authentic brew for everything we do, our team have proudly crafted four unique ranges of Kombucha to cater to different taste buds and MOJO moments!

Activated Kombucha is our traditional, home-brew style ‘booch, that’s thriving with live cultures and probiotics for gut health support.

Superbooch is all the gutsy goodness of our authentic, low sugar probiotic kombucha, boosted with bespoke benefits to create an extraordinary brew.

Gut Shots are a handy probiotic kickstart in a mini low sugar sip. With a higher concentration of organic acids, and real fruit and spices, these mini MOJO’s are big kombucha goodness in a small package.

Kombucha Soda is a fun, fermented fizz, made with real fruit juice and prebiotic fibre. The familiar flavours of Kombucha Soda are great if you’re new to fermented drinks or looking for a low sugar soft drink swap. The handy 250mL cans are perfect for your pantry, picnic or packed lunch.


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