Blog | Nov 29, 2021

Superbooch Has Landed!

Superbooch is MOJO with more: a super sip with all the gutsy goodness of our authentic, low sugar probiotic kombucha, but boosted with bespoke benefits to create an extraordinary brew, just for you!

Like everything MOJO made, Superbooch is an Actually Naturally kombucha that’s certified organic, low sugar, free from sneaky sweeteners and made with real fruit juice.

Superbooch is now available in two varieties, both of which were thoughtfully crafted in flavour and function to support a unique MOJO moment.

Craving calm? Calm-omile is a Superbooch to help bring you into the zen zone! This blissful blueberry kombucha has been blended with lavender and chamomile extracts, two ingredients which have been traditionally used to support relaxation. Enjoy Calm-omile as a mid-arvo tea break, a night time alcohol alternative to wind down with, or any other time you’re looking for a mindful moment in your day.

Prebiotics join the probiotic party in Green Gut Guru – a blend of apple juice, spinach and spirulina, boosted with 2-in-1 gut health support. This Superbooch is your go-to when you’re seeking extra gutsy goodness – in addition to the probiotics (friendly bacteria) that are in every bottle of MOJO Activated, Superbooch and Gut Shots, Green Gut Guru also has prebiotics. Prebiotics are those special fibres that help to support your gut health by feeding the good bacteria in your gut - think of them as the favourite snacks of your good gut bugs!

With a crisp tangy taste, enjoy Green Gut Guru as a refreshing swap for juice or a green smoothie and get that good gut feeling!

Superbooch is now available in the fridge at selected Woolworths stores!