Blog | Dec 18, 2017

Say ‘Hi’ To Our Scoby


Also referred to as a ‘kombucha mushroom’ or ‘the mother’, the Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) is the living culture that transforms our real, organic ingredients into the naturally tangy, refreshing drink that is kombucha!

The SCOBY is added to a tea and sugar brew where it is left to ferment, creating a tangy, sparkling beverage that is brimming with organic acids and live cultures.

The SCOBY culture we use to brew our kombucha is unique to MOJO, and was chosen specifically by our founder Anthony when he began making batches on his benchtop for the great tasting kombucha it created. More than ten years on, and we have continuously brewed MOJO Kombucha using the same SCOBY strain ever since!

The bacteria and yeast culture are indeed symbiotic, working together in a unique fermentation process. The yeast in the kombucha culture is activated by the sugar in the brew, transforming it into carbon dioxide (naturally occurring bubbles) and trace amounts of alcohol. The bacteria then converts the alcohol into organic acids, giving our kombucha it’s delicious tangy taste.

Due to this unique fermentation process, our kombucha does contains a trace amount of alcohol – less than 0.5% alcohol by volume in compliance with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards and the State and Territory based legislation.

The longer you leave the SCOBY to ferment, the more potent or ‘vinegar’ tasting the kombucha will become, as it will continue to transform any remaining sugar into organic acids. Staying true to a traditional recipe, we ferment our kombucha until there is a nice balance of residual sugar and tangy organic acids, just as you would a home-brew. This authentic balanced fermentation means our low sugar kombucha does not require sweeteners such as stevia and erythritol to make the drink palatable. 

Those bits you can see in the bottle? These are strands of the culture and are to be enjoyed as part of the drink. They are further proof that our kombucha has been authentically fermented.

Have any questions or would like to say hi to our SCOBY? Contact Team MOJO and we will forward your message onto our internal Food Science team!