Blog | Jun 10, 2020



Find room in your fridge because for the first time ever, we’ve bundled up our ‘booch into 4 x 250mL multi-packs!

Multi-pack MOJO is our authentically fermented, low sugar Activated Kombucha with live cultures + probiotics in 4 cute-as 250mL cans. You’ll now find these in the chilled juice fridge at Woolies in sweet and tangy Passionfruit or zingy Ginger.

The new 4-packs of Activated Kombucha are a handy way to keep your fridge stocked with your favourite kombucha throughout the week, or to share a MOJO with friends and family.

Our team also wanted to create a more convenient way to enjoy MOJO on the go: after ten years of bottling and brewing kombucha, we know that our bespoke glass bottles sometimes prevent you from enjoying a MOJO moment. That’s where multi-pack cans come in! Now you can BYO ‘booch to a BBQ, the beach or a picnic, or add some life to your lunchbox thanks to the smaller, non-breakable, more travel-friendly packaging (just make sure you have a chilled bag or esky)!

And if you love to use MOJO as a tasty mixer, the new 250mL size is also the perfectly portioned pour for your favourite kombucha cocktail recipe.

Because MOJO is a living, active kombucha, these cans must be refrigerated at all times to ensure our thriving brew tastes its best, whilst preventing further fermentation. That’s why you’ll find these in the chilled juice fridge at Woolworths, and not the soft drink aisle! Pantries, shelves and anywhere else that isn’t a chilly 0-5 degrees are a no-go zone for these multi-packs, so make sure you find some room in your fridge before stocking up.

MOJO is all about looking after our health and the health of our earth. That’s why our aluminum cans and their cardboard wraps are 100% recyclable.

Find MOJO Activated Kombucha 4x250mL now living in the chilled juice fridge at selected Woolworths!