Blog | Feb 3, 2022

MOJO Mocktails

Stir Up a Storm!

To say cheers (without the beers) to a new year, we’ve whipped up a special kombucha creation - super spritzy, a little bit tangy, 100% delicious.


Put the MOJO in your mojito! Use our punchy Passionfruit Kombucha to create this mocktail with a tropical twist.

Squeeze the juice from one lime wedge into a tall glass with ice. Add the mint leaves and top with Passionfruit Activated Kombucha. Garnish with the second lime wedge.



The ultimate sparkling Summer spritz: with majestic Mango Lime Kombucha, this mocktail is a taste tango of tropical fruits and refreshing citrus.

Add the passionfruit pulp to a tall glass with ice before filling with Mango Lime Activated Kombucha. Give a good stir before garnishing with a slice of fresh orange.


Happy sipping!