Blog | Dec 3, 2019



We didn’t think it was possible, but we’ve taken our Ginger MOJO Kombucha and made it better: it’s now twice as nice, with the addition of spice!

MOJO have always used real ginger juice to create our Ginger Kombucha, but we’ve recently put a twist on our traditional recipe with the addition of ginger powder.

The result is an authentically fermented, low sugar living kombucha with the calm and warming zing that real ginger brings, and a fuller, rounder, slightly sweeter, even more gingery taste.

Team MOJO have always been mad about ginger. It wasn’t long after we began brewing kombucha that we first created a Ginger variety – the tummy-taming goodness of ginger is the perfect pair for the live cultures + probiotics and tang of our true ‘brew. It’s a MOJO Kombucha combo that many of you have been enjoying for years. That’s why for us, the only thing that could make this variety even better was more ginger. No flavours, sweeteners or other ingredients – it’s still just ginger, but with more of the good stuff to make it the gingeriest.

We love the new and improved Ginger for it’s slightly spicier and sweeter taste, that’s reminiscent of a low sugar, refreshing, old-fashioned ginger beer.

We hope you’ll enjoy our zingier Ginger Kombucha as much as we do!

Available in 330mL, 450mL and 1L bottles, find it living in the fridge now at Woolworths, independent supermarkets and retailers. 

Cheers to your health,