Blog | Feb 15, 2020


Attention shoppers: you’ll now find MOJO Activated Kombucha and Gut Shots in the chilled juice fridge at all Coles Supermarkets!

Each bottle of authentically fermented, low sugar Activated Kombucha is a refreshing, sparkling sip that’s free from sneaky sweeteners, made with real, organic ingredients and thriving with live cultures and probiotics. Coles have tangy Passionfruit and zingy Ginger in a bigger 1 litre bottle which is perfect for sharing or keeping the fridge stocked with your favourite!

If you’re after a handy probiotic kickstart in a mini low sugar sip, give the new MOJO Gut Shots a go! Available in Berrytown and Ginger Spice, these 55mL bottles can be sipped straight up for big kombucha goodness in a small package!

MOJO Activated Kombucha and Gut Shots are thriving with live cultures which is why you’ll only find it living in the fridge! 

Happy sipping!

Team MOJO.