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Everything you need to know about drinking MOJO

If you have just discovered the sparkling, refreshing sip that is kombucha, you know it’s no ordinary fizzy drink – kombucha should be an authentically fermented, low sugar brew thriving with living probiotic cultures. But you still might not know what, how, when, and why you should be consuming kombucha!

Good news is , our team has over 12 years of kombucha brewing and sipping experience, so we know the best way to get your ‘booch on! 

With What? 
MOJO Kombucha can be sipped straight up as a chilled, refreshing pick-me-up. With a meal is also a popular choice for many people as kombucha is a traditional tummy-tamer! As an authentically fermented drink, you can also mix up your MOJO moment by trying it as a tasty mixer to create a kombucha cocktail or as a satisfying alternative to alcohol.  

How Much? 
We love to have a bottle of MOJO a day as a smart swap for other beverages and to get our daily goodness of probiotics or prebiotics for gut health support– but start out small if you are new to fermented foods or drinks, as your gut may be more sensitive to the introduction of good bacteria. Our digestive systems may be different to yours so trust your gut and enjoy the amount of kombucha that feels right for you! 

You can enjoy ‘booch anytime of the day as a refreshing low sugar, gut-friendly swap for soft drinks, mixers, or alcohol. Our Gut Shots are a great probiotic kickstart to the day, whilst our sparkling Activated Kombucha or Kombucha Soda pair perfectly with meals. But no matter when you enjoy your MOJO, the probiotics or prebiotics in our kombucha products will provide the same gut health support. 

Why Should I Drink Kombucha? 
Not only does MOJO Kombucha taste great, but it supports your gut health too! MOJO Activated and Gut Shots has live cultures and is made with 1 billion probiotics (friendly bacteria), whilst each 250 mL can of Kombucha Soda has prebiotic fibre. Our kombucha also has the benefit of being a free from sneaky sweeteners, certified organic, and an Actually Naturally, low sugar beverage option. Cheers! 

Find out where to buy MOJO here! 

It is important to always store our Activated Kombucha and Gut Shots between 0-4º, just like you would a fresh dairy product. This is because even after bottling, these ranges have continued to be active with live cultures and residual sugars, which is why it lives in the fridge! Chilled storage is then required to ensure our thriving brew continues tasting its best, whilst preventing further fermentation. Our cans of Kombucha Soda contain prebiotic fibre and no live cultures, which makes this range compatible with storage outside your fridge. 

If you have any other kombucha queries, feel free to reach out to us at MOJO HQ! 

Happy sipping!  

Team MOJO 

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