Blog | Jul 6, 2022

Booch Bellini

‘Booch Bellini  

A cheeky twist on a classic! We’ve used bubbly ‘booch to create a non-alcoholic Bellini that’s perfect for pairing with brunch or as a celebratory sip.  

MOJO’s brand-new Perky Peach brings the bubbles - with sweet peach, juicy mango and zingy citrus it’s a fresh and fizzy take on our traditional tea.  

Pair this with an extra teaspoon of peach for the ultimate sip of sunshine that can be enjoyed all year ‘round! 


1 x 330 mL MOJO Activated Kombucha Perky Peach 

1 x teaspoon peach nectar  


  1. Add the peach nectar to the bottom champagne flute. 
  1. Top your glass with chilled MOJO Activated Kombucha Perky Peach. Pour slowly so it doesn’t fizz over!  
  1. Enjoy your MOJO Mocktail moment! 

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