Blog | Jul 6, 2022

Berry Nice Cocktail

Use MOJO’s berrylicious varieties to create this fresh and delicious  kombucha cocktail! 

This recipe is a refreshing spritz, with sparkling white wine, berry kombucha, fresh seasonal fruit and herbs. You can also replace the wine with extra kombucha to make it a MOJO mocktail.  

The real raspberries and strawberries used in Summer Berry Activated Kombucha give this drink it’s all-natural pink hue. 



  1. Place fresh berries and herbs into a glass and bruise with a cocktail muddler or spoon 
  1. Add ice and pour over the sparkling wine. 
  1. Fill the glass with MOJO Activated Kombucha Summer Berry and enjoy! 
  1. BONUS – rim your glass with mint sugar if you’re feelin’ fancy. 

18+ - Drink responsibly.  

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