Blog | Nov 19, 2021

10 Healthy & Delicious Picnic Food Ideas

Dietitians The Biting Truth Share 10 Healthy & Delicious Picnic Food Ideas 

Here in Australia, the weather is getting warmer, which means it's picnic and party season!

For many of us, sitting outside in the sunshine with a group of mates sharing delicious food and drinks is one of the true perks of Summer. 

We asked our dietitians, Anna and Alex from The Biting Truth, to share their favourite foods to pack in their picnic baskets or BYO to a BBQ!

1. Homemade dip 
A homemade dip, such as hummus, is an excellent picnic food. Sure, it’s easy enough to grab a dip from the supermarket, but nothing beats a homemade dip. Making it yourself is one way to guarantee it is nutrient dense and packed with protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer.  

Try this delicious hummus recipe 

2. Frittata 
Another nutrient-rich, satisfying option to bring along to your next picnic is mini homemade frittatas. Based on egg and packed with vegetables, you can either make one big frittata and cut it into slices or use a muffin tray to make mini frittatas. 

Check out this frittata muffin recipe. 

 3. Sandwich fingers 
If you are planning a lunchtime picnic, sandwich fingers are a great choice to include as more of a filling option. Opt for wholegrain bread with lean toppings, such as chicken or tuna, and salad.  

4. Kombucha 
Consider swapping out sugary soft drinks, and even alcoholic beverages, for a kombucha. MOJO's range of Kombucha Soda is perfect for this!

Kombucha Soda is available in handy, shareable 4-packs of 250mL cans, and unlike the Activated range contains no live cultures, making them a-ok outside of the fridge - perfect for picnics or when you want to BYO 'booch!

Not only is MOJO’s Kombucha low in sugar and kilojoules, it’s super refreshing and good for your gut thanks to the prebiotics it contains.  

5. Wholegrain crackers & cheese 
Let’s get real: a picnic isn’t really a picnic without cheese and crackers! Whether it’s brie, camembert, cheddar... the list is endless. When it comes to choosing crackers to pair with your cheese, pick wholegrain crackers, as these are higher in fibre and often contain less salt.  

6. Baby veggies 
As dietitians, you won’t see us at a picnic without fresh fruit and vegetables. You may have noticed loads of new ‘baby veggies’ now available in stores, like baby cucumbers, carrots and cherry tomatoes. These are a convenient and delicious option to bring to your next picnic and make the perfect dippers to go with your homemade dip!

7. Bliss balls 
Whip up a batch of nourishing bliss balls for something sweet to add to your picnic basket. The best thing about bliss balls is that they require no baking so they are fairly simple to make. They are perfectly portioned into individual-sized balls and really do satisfy those sweet cravings! 

Check out the protein balls in our cookbook; they’re an all-time favourite! 

8. Crunchy roasted chickpeas 
For all the chip lovers out there, satisfy that crunch craving with some crunchy roasted chickpeas or air-popped popcorn. Both options are readily available at most supermarkets, so they are very easy to grab and go if you are short on time!  

 9. Pizza Scrolls 
Make your own pizza scrolls and bring them with you! They are simple, tasty and easy picnic finger food. Plus, if you have kids, they will love them too! There are so many variations to try; for “grown up” flavoured scrolls, try smearing a thin layer of pesto over the dough with the tomato puree, or adding roasted garlic, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and other ingredients with a bit of a kick, like a sharp cheese. 

Try our delicious Pizza Scrolls recipe. 

10. Olives 
Like cheese, olives are another food we can’t go past when it comes to a picnic. There are so many varieties to choose from, whether it’s green olives, kalamata olives, stuffed olives, or perhaps a mixed variety! Besides being delicious, olives contain beneficial fats, which are good for our health. 

There you have it – 10 highly portable food ideas bound to impress your fellow picnickers and guarantee a repeat invite. Grab a basket and get packing!